2021 annual hot words announced: actually no inward roll and lie flat?

For each individual, 2021 is a different experience. Today is the last day of 2021, say goodbye to 2021.

According to China News Weekly Weibo on December 30, the top 10 buzzwords of 2021 were announced.

EMO, YYDS, broken defense, meta-universe, carbon neutral, unprecedented changes in a century, Zhu Rong Mars rover, common wealth, double reduction… These buzzwords not only record the popular phrases and big social events of the year by netizens, but also will be often seen in the comment section of social media platforms and short video platforms.

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As in previous years, sudden entertainment and social events also brought fire to some Internet buzzwords, and for first-tier and new first-tier cities, the “prevalence” of “emo” was significantly higher than in other cities.

I’m emo” is a popular Internet phrase that refers to my emotions, and can refer to most negative emotions, such as “I’m decrepit”, “I’m depressed”, “I’m silly”, “I’m not I’m emo”, “I’m non-mainstream”.

The term “broken defense” originally refers to breaking through the enemy’s defenses in a game, but now it describes an incident that shattered the inner defenses and made you feel deeply emotional.

YYDS is the pinyin abbreviation of “Forever God”, which describes a person’s god-like performance in a certain field and expresses a high level of admiration for someone.

The “metaverse” refers to the virtual and real Internet applications and social life forms formed by XR, digital twin, blockchain and AI technologies, etc. Facebook founder Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to “Meta”, which was inspired by The source is the term “Metaverse”.

These Internet terms seem to be the new trendy language for young people nowadays, and they have become a special product of the development of this era. It is worth thinking about how to keep this special cultural product alive.

However, for people who spend a lot of time on the Internet, the familiar “lie flat, inside the volume” are not on the list, which makes people wonder if these words are not positive enough.