2021 Top 10 rumors in the circle of friends

A few days ago, WeChat Security Center announced the top ten rumors in the circle of friends in 2021, which rumors let us penetrate at a glance, and which rumors had let us believe in the truth? How many of them have you seen?

1. Zhong Nanshan academician went to a certain place to assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic

Truth: There is no official news of “Zhong Nanshan coming to Xi’an”. Whenever there is a new confirmed case of Newcastle pneumonia, similar false rumors will be updated simultaneously. At present, the relevant areas involved in the rumor have been debunked.

The actual top ten rumors of last year also have it, although Zhong Lao is powerful, but I guess he should not be able to split up the art.

2、Eating strawberries can lead to hemorrhagic fever

Recently, the network in the hot turn “do not eat strawberries” content, because “eat strawberries will lead to hemorrhagic fever”.

The truth: hemorrhagic fever is a natural epidemic disease caused by the transmission of hantavirus carried by rats, in our country to the black-line mice and brown house mice as the main host animals and infectious sources of hantavirus.

There is a certain risk of disease after eating food contaminated by rats, but it is not directly related to strawberries.

Comment: Strawberries do not take the blame for the mistakes made by rats.

3, Alipay, WeChat payment collection code prohibited commercial

Rumor has it: “Alipay, WeChat payment personal collection code will be banned from commercial use from March 1 next year.

Truth: In fact, the central bank’s new rules clearly emphasize the collection code is divided into personal and business with the code, business with the code is not included in the notice restrictions. Among them, the main one that will be bound is the personal static collection barcode.

According to the regulations, personal static collection codes are in principle prohibited from being used for remote non-face-to-face collection, and institutions should prudently determine the white list of personal collection static codes; and users of personal collection bar codes with obvious business characteristics will be managed with reference to special merchants.

Comment: Individual merchants should be recognized, and the right number is very clear.

4, the Ministry of Armed Forces to the reserve veterans to send recall SMS

A screenshot of a text message is widely spread in various network platforms, the screenshot shows that a people’s armed forces sent a text message, said to receive the Ministry of National Defense Mobilization Department documents, called for reserve veterans to be ready to recall.

Truth: The official microblogging account of the PLA media, @junzhengping, verified that this message is a rumor.

Comment: Listen to the party command, you can win the war; listen to your command, you will be fooled.

5、Tencent cloud database leak

Net rumor chat pictures said Tencent cloud database has been leaked.


Truth: In response to the rumors that “Tencent cloud database has been leaked” and “some state-owned enterprises and institutions have started to retreat”, Tencent has stated that they are all rumors.

Comment: Blow again, our security technology students are not vegetarians.

6, many places are building square cabin hospital

Rumors of “square cabin hospitals being built” have emerged in various risk areas of the epidemic.

Truth: Since the epidemic, when new epidemic risk areas have emerged, there have been rumors of “construction of square cabin hospitals”, such as Zhejiang, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi’an, etc. The areas involved in the rumors have all been debunked one after another.

Comment: Medical resources are still appropriate, not the use of square cabin hospital.

7, someone “private printing ‘same number of money’ 2 trillion”

Truth: The People’s Bank of China’s Monetary and Bullion Bureau said that this is a rumor of a bad nature. The People’s Bank of China has been carrying out related work in accordance with the law.

The actual people who are in a position to get a good deal more than just a few of these are the ones who are in a position to get a good deal more than just a few of these.

8, electricity tariff adjustment by time period charges

WeChat group circulated a electricity bill will be adjusted “notice”, and accompanied by electricity tariff table.


The truth: the southeast network has debunked this rumor – the official website of the national grid and the authoritative media did not report the news of electricity tariff increase.

National Grid customer service staff said: currently no notice of electricity tariff increase. In recent years, the price of electricity for residents has remained basically unchanged, and the price of industrial and commercial electricity has been adjusted downward.

Comment: not up, or the original formula, or familiar prices.

9, the new “international universal alarm gestures”

A so-called “international universal alarm gesture” rumor post circulating in the network, claiming that as long as clenched fist, everyone in the world can understand in a second that you are asking for help.

The truth: the so-called “international universal alarm help gesture” already belongs to the old rumors, before there were also rumors of another gesture. Our police have never publicly promoted this kind of gesture, when in danger, please call 110 or send SMS to 12110 police.

Comment: I think 110 is not better than these inexplicable gestures to remember more?

10, four people turned out 200 yuan on all count gambling

Rumors say: “Do not go to the chess room to play or watch cards, the Public Security Bureau just finished a meeting, as long as the four people turned out 200 yuan, defined as gambling, regardless of age, all detention.

Truth: Gambling should be severely punished, but normal card playing and entertainment is not illegal in China. The law on law and order penalties for “gambling money” is not unified by the state, but authorized to determine their own standards. Each province and city, according to the local situation, to develop the relevant “gambling money larger” standard.

The police are not arresting people for playing cards.