4 days word of mouth straight down Is the meta-universe of Hiyang a scam?

Baidu, which has been “low profile” in the technology industry for a long time, has recently gained a lot of attention for its meta-universe, and on December 27, Baidu released the first domestic meta-universe product “Xiyang” App and held the Baidu Create2021 (Baidu AI Developer Conference) in Xiyang. Baidu’s founder, chairman and CEO, Yan Li, held the Baidu Create2021 (Baidu AI Developer Conference). Baidu’s founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li entered Hiyang to deliver a speech. Baidu said, relying on Baidu’s technical advantages in AI, cloud computing and other fields, Xiyang can accommodate 100,000 viewers to interact with the same screen at the same time.

However, after the launch, the reputation of Xiyan appeared to be a Waterloo. Many users directly accused Baidu Xiyan of “rubbing hot spots”, poor image quality, worse than the quality of the game five years ago, and even lag and flashback problems.

The always outspoken 360 founder Zhou Hongyi also publicly pointed out that “Baidu meta-universe product Xiyang, in fact, pepper has long been done, but not particularly successful.”

He believes that it is not difficult to build a virtual scene, and it is not difficult for virtual characters to do live, but it is difficult to persist.

In recent years, Baidu repeatedly missed the wind, games, live, group purchase and other emerging businesses are not outstanding performance. In March this year to “AI startup” identity back to Hong Kong after the listing, Baidu shares are also repeatedly sinking, the current market value of only about 370 billion Hong Kong dollars, while the same in the Hong Kong shares of Alibaba market value of about 2.38 trillion Hong Kong dollars, Tencent market value of about 4.27 trillion Hong Kong dollars.

Behind the rush to issue meta-universe products, Baidu has both the anxiety of finding new business breakthroughs and the pressure of performance growth.

But judging by the current user evaluation of Xiyang, there is still a long way to go for Baidu to return to the top by leveraging Yuan Universe.

On November 2, Baidu applied for the trademark of metaverse, announced its entry into metaverse on December 10, and officially released the first “domestic metaverse product” Xiyan on December 27.

Two weeks before the official release of Xiyang App, #Baidu will release the metaverse product Xiyang was a hot search, and Baidu made a bold statement at that time that it would create a multi-person interactive space that spans virtual and reality and lasts forever.

On December 21, Baidu Xiyang opened for orientation internal testing. According to Baidu, the shape of “Xiyang” is a Möbius ring planet.

In Xiyang, you can not only meet Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but also visit the thousand-year old Shaolin Temple, and the Three Treasures monk to discuss martial arts; you can also explore the Samsung Pile, and dig the thousand-year national treasures; you can also visit the Three Bodies Museum, and see the Three Bodies fleet shuttling overhead.

Before the official release, Xiyang whetted the appetite of users in this way.

On the release day, Baidu held the first conference with 100,000 people interacting on the same screen in Xiyang. Users can log into Xiyang through cell phones and wearable devices (VR) to create their own exclusive virtual image in Xiyang. At the same time, XiYang added social functions, which can add friends, call and share videos.

With curiosity about the metaverse, users have entered the “land” of Xiyan. A few days after the launch of Hiyang, it once became a popular app in the App Store.

At present, the rating of Hiyang on Apple App Store is only 2.3. In contrast, several popular social and game apps are rated above 4.

Some downloaders commented that XiYang is “crude, no light and shadow at all” and “just a special early, crude and backward online game”.