550g laptop with 11 generation i5/Win11/RJ45 network port can also be 360 degrees flip only 4999

Today we introduce you to a 550g pocket-sized laptop, the OneBook A1 Pro, which integrates professional operation and maintenance functions with portability in a compact 7-inch body, incorporating the 11th generation Core i7 At the same time, in such a pocket-sized body, it is equipped with RJ45 gigabit network port, built-in gigabit network card, wired to support 1000Mbps download rate, fast and stable, and has lower data latency.

As for the screen, the screen ratio is 16:10, the resolution is 1920 x 1200, with 323ppi pixel density, the color display is natural, realistic and clear. With fingerprint recognition, PD fast charging, and Winddows 11 system, it brings you an outstanding experience.