AMD responds to Win11 TPM issue: under investigation

Core Research Institute (CRI) February 18 news, after the release of Win11 system, AMD’s Raider processor users because of L3 cache problems lead to abnormal performance under Win11, and recently suffered a wave of TPM problems, resulting in system lag and even crash. On the AMD platform, the TPM module seems to have other problems, and many people have encountered periodic crashes, lag, system instability, crackling sounds in sound playback and screen mouse fidgeting.

Core Research Institute Editorial

The current culprit is basically locked in the AMD platform fTPM function, the latter allows users to open TPM similar functions without the physical TPM module. User tests can confirm that after disabling fTPM, the system will be normal, but without TPM under Win11, some applications and games may also be unusable, which is also a problem.

In addition to Win11 system, there are some players who also encountered this problem under Win10 system, or disable fTPM after solving the problem. Now that two weeks have passed, someone from AMD has finally responded. The official community administrator said he had received feedback and was investigating the problem, but he did not give clear information, so users who have been hit can only wait for AMD’s subsequent upgrade.

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