AMD Zen3 + sharp dragon design: 35W performance is comparable to 45W +

AMD sharp dragon 6000H series gaming book is about to be unblocked, the latest leaked score results came as a surprise, HS 35W low-power version of the performance, surprisingly comparable to 45W + HX high-performance version.

GeekBench 5 database appeared sharp dragon 9 6900HS, from ASUS ROG phantom 14, with Zen3 + architecture of 8 cores 16 threads, maximum frequency 4.9GHz, integrated RDNA2 architecture Europe’s Radeon 680M GPU, thermal design power consumption of only 35W.

In contrast, the Radeon 9 6900HX has exactly the same specifications, except that the thermal design power consumption is set at 45W+.

AMD Zen3+锐龙神设计:35W性能竟媲美45W+

Theoretically, the 6900HS has a shorter high frequency duration, tighter thermal control, and lags behind the 6900HX in performance, but in the GeekBench 5 test, the 6900HS scores 1571 single-core, 9751 multi-core, almost identical to the 6900HX!

Of course, this is only a theoretical score, the actual game performance will not be quite the same, and depends on the notebook’s thermal design, the manufacturer’s tuning control, but it is enough to surprise.