Are you being tracked by AirTag too? Check it with these methods

Apple released AirTag with an intriguing tagline: Your ability to lose things is going to be lost. AirTag comes with a location function that can help us quickly find lost items, such as backpacks and bicycles with AirTag. However, many netizens have found that AirTag is convenient for finding items, and it is also convenient for finding people.

To be more precise, AirTag is being used more and more for tracking. A foreign journalist put AirTag in her husband’s car for testing, and found that it can accurately restore her husband’s day trip, her husband in which time to what place, the data can be accurate to the minutes and meters, so to speak, is the cyberpunk version of the “group bookstore 30 seconds”.

When it comes to tracking, the topic is naturally not easy. Last year, a user on TikTok found an AirTag under her license plate, and she posted a video to record the incident, which has now been viewed more than 20 million times. Today, the number of users reacting to their being tracked by AirTag has grown centrally, so much so that police in several U.S. states have issued warnings about the potential criminal use of AirTag.

These people range from celebrities with luxury cars, to high-profile models, to ordinary working men and women targeted by their exes, to children “cared for” by their parents. They found the strange AirTag either in their personal belongings or in their cars.

AirTag is released worldwide and there are many sales in China, how can you check if there is an AirTag around you? How can you make sure you are not being tracked? The following methods are available for both Android and Apple users, so let’s take a look at them together.

It is said that this method is not always reliable, because it is not a difficult operation to disable the speaker of AirTag through DIY, and there are even people in the market to provide a silent version of AirTag for sale.

The good news is that Apple will be launching a pinpoint feature later this year that will allow iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users to locate unfamiliar AirTags through pinpoint detection.

02 Android users

Apple has launched a free app for Android phones called Tracker Detect to help users find hidden AirTags.

Open Tracker Detect, click the “Scan” button, and generally wait 10 minutes for Tracker Detect to locate unfamiliar AirTags within Bluetooth range, as well as any trackers that are compatible with Apple’s Find My network. Once found, you can locate them by sound.

The downside is that the app won’t always run in the background, which means your phone won’t passively detect the tracker, you’ll have to open the app to actively scan for it.

03 What to do if you find an unfamiliar AirTag

If you try the above method and happen to find an AirTag, the way to lose it immediately is to power it off.

The official Apple page gives instructions on how to find the AirTag battery. The side of the AirTag with the Apple logo is its protective cover, which can be easily removed and the battery inside seen by turning this side up, then pressing down and turning counterclockwise until it stops turning.

In addition, Apple also promises to cooperate with law enforcement to provide information about the device in the event that the user’s own safety is threatened, and the user only needs to provide the serial number of the AirTag, which is located under the battery.