AsiaInfo Security Selected as the First “5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Center” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced the list of 5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Centers for 2021, and the 5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Center (Sichuan Province) led by AsiaInfo Security was successfully awarded.

As a new generation of information and communication technology that is highly valued globally, 5G is driving society into the era of Internet of Everything and promoting the deep integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy. Therefore, it is of great national strategic significance and economic value to continuously improve the security capability of 5G applications from the technical and product perspectives, establish a sound system of security product specifications and guidelines, and continuously output professional talents for 5G security construction. In this context, in order to support the creation of 5G application security innovation demonstration centers, strengthen regional collaboration, strengthen demonstration features, enhance promotion efforts, play innovation leading energy efficiency, and enhance 5G application security assurance capabilities, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a 5G application security innovation demonstration center declaration process in August 2021.

The 5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Center (Sichuan), led by AsiaInfoSec, with the participation of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, Unicom (Sichuan) Industrial Internet Co. At the same time, each unit of the consortium has established a good foundation of collaboration in the past work, giving full play to the advantages of strong alliance, collaborative development, focusing on the target industry areas, forming a cohesive synergy of complementary advantages, and was successfully selected as one of the first 5G application security innovation demonstration centers in China.

In terms of demonstration capabilities, the 5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Center (Sichuan) has the ability to promote the application of 5G+industrial internet security and 5G+smart city security. At the same time, based on the “IPDRR” model, using SDN, virtualization, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to create a cloud-based, intelligent, service-oriented security center, to achieve “security resource componentization, security component scenarioization”, the formation of a centralized management In addition, the security business application with centralized management and on-demand services can effectively promote the evolution of 5G security system to an adaptive active defense security system.

From 2019 to now, the 5G Application Security Innovation Demonstration Center (Sichuan) has excellent 5G capabilities and has supported several 5G project programs, including: 5G + industrial Internet smart manufacturing, 5G private network + smart park, 5G + BIM to create hydropower smart engineering, 5G car smart driving, 5G + smart oil and gas, etc., and for different industry business scenarios there are differentiated security protection We analyze the shortcomings of 5G application security in terms of technology, excellent industry solutions, industry standards and professional talents, sort out the requirements in terms of terminal access security, network architecture and data transmission security, and structure multi-industry and multi-scene solutions to effectively support the successful implementation of multiple 5G security projects.

Next, AsiaInfo Security will implement the demonstration center plan, accelerate standardized 5G application security product design and development, national standard development and implementation, security service cultivation, solution promotion, and talent and technology training to effectively grasp the results and play a leading role in innovation. At the same time, it will aggregate the upstream and downstream of the ecological chain to enhance 5G security capability from the industry, promote the healthy development of 5G application security industry, and join hands to promote the construction of China’s 5G application security system.

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