Belgium attacked by Log4j vulnerability, part of the Ministry of Defense network down

(CGN) – Belgian government officials have publicly acknowledged being attacked by the recently revealed Apache Log4j vulnerability network. The attack has caused parts of the Belgian Defense Ministry’s computer network to remain down since Thursday. A spokesman said its team was mobilized throughout the weekend to contain the problem, continue activity and warn partners. The priority is to keep the network operational. The Belgian government will continue to monitor the situation.

Log4j is a widely used logging software, present in hundreds of millions of devices. According to Microsoft and Mandiant researchers, hackers linked to the governments of Iran, North Korea and Turkey have scrambled to exploit this vulnerability. Ransomware groups have also attempted to exploit the vulnerability. Belgium’s Ministry of Defense was the first high-profile government victim of the vulnerability to be reported, but given Log4j’s ubiquity in much of the enterprise software popular in the public and private sectors, it is unlikely to be the last.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said a few days ago that the vulnerability could lead to remote control of devices, which could lead to serious harm such as theft of sensitive information and interruption of device services, and is a high-risk vulnerability. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reminded the relevant units and the public to pay close attention to the Apache Log4j2 component vulnerability patch release, check the use of their own relevant systems Apache Log4j2 components, timely upgrade the component version to reduce network security risks.

Previously, McAfee Enterprise and FireEye’s senior threat research director said Log4Shell’s destructive power and Shellshock, Heartbleed and EternalBlue is the same level. The people involved say the impact of the vulnerability could be huge because it is wormable and can build its own propagation. Even with the patch, there are dozens of versions of the vulnerable component. Due to the sheer number of attacks that have been observed, it can be assumed that many organizations have been breached and require incident response measures.


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