Best Buy Selects Amazon Cloud Technologies as Strategic Cloud Provider

Amazon Cloud Technologies announced that Best Buy has selected Amazon Cloud Technologies as the cloud provider of choice for cloud infrastructure services and a strategic partner for developing cloud engineering talent. The partnership will help Best Buy further adopt cloud technology in its retail business and support rapid innovation in the customer experience and the work of its teams to create world-class digital experiences that enrich the lives of millions of people.

We believe that our goal of enriching lives through technology has never been more important, and this new partnership with Amazon Cloud Technologies is another step in our commitment to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers,” said Brian Tilzer, chief digital and technology officer at Best Buy. Combined with Best Buy’s culture of innovation and reinvention, Amazon Cloud Technologies will provide us with valuable growth opportunities as we grow our technology team and attract great technology talent.”

Fast Company, a leading U.S. business magazine, recently named Best Buy one of the best places to work for innovators. Best Buy is known for its culture of innovation and use of technology and analytics to better serve its customers, including the ability to respond to external challenges with great flexibility. For example, by leveraging advanced cloud technologies, some of which are supported by Amazon Cloud Technologies, Best Buy was able to deploy an industry-leading curbside pickup experience in just two days at the beginning of the new crown outbreak. Nearly two years later, this service continues to allow customers to securely pick up the technology products they need to work and study from home.

Using Amazon Cloud Technologies’ deep and extensive cloud services, Best Buy’s product teams and engineers continue to change the way people buy technology products. Through Amazon Cloud Technologies’ computing, storage, database and security services, Best Buy creates new experiences for customers, including the ability to interact virtually with experts to get live demonstrations of physical products. Amazon Cloud Technologies’ advanced cloud technology combined with Best Buy’s agile development model has created new services such as Best Buy’s Totaltech program. Through Amazon CloudTech-enabled chatbots, Totaltech provides members with 24/7 access to expertise and increased confidence that their technical support needs will be met quickly.

Best Buy is changing the way people buy technology products and accelerating innovation with Amazon CloudTech’s comprehensive portfolio of cloud services,” said Werner Vogels, chief technology officer, Amazon. Thousands of retailers like Best Buy will continue to trust Amazon Cloud Technologies and choose us as their cloud provider of choice. We have the ability to help them stay agile and accelerate innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of the retail industry. A customer-first and innovation-focused culture will drive our joint efforts to ensure that every customer benefits from the cloud in every aspect of their business.”

Through its strategic partnership with Amazon Cloud Technologies, Best Buy will also accelerate its cloud migration and implementation of its cloud-first strategy, starting with moving more of its retail operations workloads from local data centers to Amazon Cloud Technologies. Going forward, Best Buy will expand its use of Amazon Cloud Technologies services and Amazon Cloud Technologies Marketplace. Amazon CloudTech Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software running on Amazon CloudTech, helping businesses improve resiliency, gain agility and accelerate innovation.

In addition, the partnership will give Best Buy’s growing team of skilled technicians access to comprehensive cloud training courses and resources from Amazon CloudTech’s training and certification team. These training resources will provide Best Buy teams with new skill development opportunities, especially for technical talent, to help them achieve their goal of becoming a best-in-class workplace. Best Buy has committed to hiring 1,000 new employees for its technology team, 30 percent of whom are from diverse populations, particularly African-Americans, Latinos, indigenous people and women, and has ongoing technology and data science centers in Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and Minneapolis.

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