BlackBerry 5G phones don’t wait: officially out of the cell phone industry

Foreign media today’s latest news: not long ago exposed BlackBerry 5G cell phone will soon be listed, and with the house keyboard, that is, the classic slider appearance, but currently there are informed sources said that BlackBerry has officially withdrawn from the cell phone industry, 5G cell phone we do not look forward to, the follow-up may be a few years, will not see the BlackBerry cell phone.

Even though not long ago the foreign media had a long article “contrary to popular belief, we are not dead” to give people hope again. But with today’s halt to the BlackBerry 5G phone project, people’s hopes have been completely dashed.

Those who are still using BlackBerry can continue to use it if it’s Android, but most of the older models don’t support software updates anymore.

Use it and cherish it, goodbye BlackBerry ……