Bluetooth Trouble: Apple fixes MacBook power consumption anomaly

Core Research Institute (CRI) announced on Feb. 12 that many people have encountered abnormal battery consumption problem in Apple MacOS 12.2 system. And today, Apple pushed out a new version of the patch to fix it. Before this, there have been users reflecting. The battery of their own MacBook would run out when the computer was in sleep mode, and the power would drop to 0% overnight. Although there is evidence that Bluetooth is the culprit, the same users have reported that turning off Bluetooth did not make any difference.

苹果修复MacBook耗电异常问题:原来罪魁祸首是蓝牙Picked by Core Research

Apple says it’s already working specifically on fixing the Bluetooth problem. It pushed out an update with version 12.2.1, stating that it fixes “an issue where Intel processor-based Mac computers may cause the battery to run out during sleep when connected to Bluetooth peripherals.” Let’s hope it works for everyone.

Apple also released updates to iOS, iPadOS and watchOS on Thursday. Apple claims that the latest 15.3.1 update fixes security vulnerabilities that could be actively exploited, and also recommends upgrading as soon as possible if you receive it.

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