Bringing in the goods YouTube is adding new ways for creators to make money

YouTube is expanding the ways creators can monetize their content, engage with viewers, and generate new ideas for their channels. In a lengthy blog post today, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan teased these new features, which will roll out throughout the year.

For starters, YouTube Shorts is getting a ton of new features and tools this year. On the creator side, YouTube says it plans to introduce new video effects, editing features, and the ability to reply to comments by creating clips – just like creators do on TikTok.

In addition, YouTube plans to introduce new ways for creators to monetize short videos, including expanded access to branded content, a super chat feature for short videos and eventually the ability to shop from short videos.

The company said the shopping feature will be expanded extensively throughout the app. In addition to shoppable videos and real-time shopping, it is exploring other ways to integrate shopping into the YouTube experience.

This year, YouTube will also introduce a number of other features to help creators generate new content. YouTube Studio will add new insights that the company says will help creators understand how viewers are interacting with them and help spark ideas for new videos.

In addition, YouTube will roll out the ability for creators to live stream together this year, again increasing interactivity and addressing the lack of content when talking to viewers.

On the user side, YouTube also plans to introduce more broadly a popular feature of Twitch: gifting memberships. YouTube has already begun testing the previously announced feature, but Mohan wrote that YouTube expects to expand the feature in the coming months.

In addition, YouTube will soon launch an integration feature that lets you interact with videos you watch on your TV on your phone. This will work when you’re logged into the same account on both devices and allow viewers to read or write comments and share videos from their mobile devices, among other things.

Finally, YouTube TV is getting a redesign this year, Mohan writes, improving the look and feel and making it easier to organize your favorites. It’s been a year of big changes for YouTube – don’t miss our discussion with Mohan today on Vergecast’s new show about all of this and other changes coming to YouTube and YouTube TV.