Building a Solid Ecosystem VMware Partners to Accelerate the Construction of Digital China

From virtualization and private clouds to cloud-native, containers, multi-clouds and modern applications, VMware continues to incorporate cutting-edge IT technologies into its portfolio to provide a diverse range of services to customers across a wide range of industries. By deeply integrating the technology stacks of each cloud platform, VMware turns distributed heterogeneous clouds into consistent cloud capabilities that enable customers to better leverage multi-cloud technologies to build their digital platforms. In this process, VMware not only integrates diverse open source technologies, but also works closely with partners in various fields to work together to deliver high-quality services to customers.

Founded in 2011, MicroNova Times is committed to the development of big data, cloud computing and virtualization technologies, and incorporates them into solutions and services to improve users’ IT system operating environment, helping governments, enterprises and institutions achieve secure, efficient and low-cost optimization of information system architecture, providing more energy-saving and reliable business continuity solutions, serving industries such as civil aviation, railroad, quality inspection, food safety and education. Since becoming a core partner of VMware in December 2011, the two parties have carried out in-depth cooperation in the fields of railroad, aviation and quality inspection, including VMware disaster recovery dual-active data center construction, VMware Tanzu GemFire data management network, VMware Tanzu Greenplum analytical data warehouse, and mobile desktop virtualization, etc. We are a VMware one-stop cloud service solution provider.

It is understood that WinoTech has participated in the construction of 12306 passenger system and 95306 freight system, both of which used VMware products and solutions to meet the needs of the website platform for high performance and stability, including the use of Gemfire to solve the challenges of large-scale concurrent transactions. And with the help of VMware, they completed data center transformation and mobile interface construction. in 2014, both parties built 12306’s dual-active data center with the help of vSphere to support its ticketing business.

Last year, WinoTech started to help 95306 to upgrade its virtualization, and this year, it used Tanzu Application Platform and other technologies to help it transform its microservices, which was highly recognized by the customer. From the beginning of technology design, 95306 has chosen the cloud-native route, and in the future, MicroNova Era will help the railroad system to open up more than 3,000 applications and build a unified PaaS platform for it. It is worth mentioning that, as the first transnational railroad that is invested and built mainly by Chinese parties, jointly operated and directly connected to China’s railroad network, China-Laos Railway also uses VMware Private Cloud + Tanzu solution.

In 2019, Weinuo joined the VMware channel system to resell vSphere, and later participated in the Ignite Program – Tanzu, and plans to get Tanzu MSC next year. “We serve a lot of government-level customers, and based on data security considerations, they will not put all their business in a multi-cloud environment, but will divide the applications into levels and put the parts that do not involve sensitive data on the public cloud. For example, we have a customer who serves airlines. Different airlines have different requirements for cloud, so they have to build a multi-cloud environment. We helped them develop a multi-cloud management tool with VMware as the core and integrated with products from Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud to provide services to users.” Qiu Jun, CEO of MicroNova Times, said, “We have been working with VMware for so many years, from vSphere to network virtualization, to storage virtualization, multi-cloud management and so on, VMware has always been at the forefront of technology, and the reliability of technical products is quite high, I think this kind of product that can make customers use it with confidence is a good product. “

Qiu Jun, CEO of Weinuo Times

With years of experience in the systems integration and professional services industry, SinoComm Networks provides customized next-generation IT infrastructure solutions through leading converged systems, virtualization and software-defined technologies, combined with solutions in information security, collaborative communications and IT service management. The company has a broad customer base of more than 2,000 technical and sales professionals in finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, transportation, logistics, media, health, government and military sectors. The cooperation between Huaxun Network and VMware began in October 2017, and its solutions basically cover the full line of VMware products, starting from the areas of software-defined data center construction and digital workspace areas, and gradually having more business practices in service integration, containers, hybrid cloud, and automated operation and maintenance management one after another.

With the arrival of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud era, Huaxun Network integrates the full-stack capabilities of private cloud, public cloud, network, security, application services, cloud management, etc., connects data center, cloud and edge through advanced network, builds consistent operation environment for applications on hybrid cloud, provides consistent network and security policies for cross-cloud environments, as well as cloud consulting and planning, cloud migration and deployment, and cloud operations and maintenance hosting services, bringing customers a consistent experience on the cloud. “We have learned a lot from VMware and have the ability to provide our customers with comprehensive software-centric data center capabilities that bridge their shortcomings in cloud services.” said Ma Zhuang, senior vice president of Huaxun Networks.

Ma Zhuang, Senior Vice President of Huaxun Networks

Whether it’s virtualization or cloud and edge computing, SinoComm Networks provides targeted solutions for customers in various fields, such as virtual desktops for banks, brokerages and other financial institutions to improve business efficiency and security; SDDC solutions for the manufacturing industry to enable high availability and make operations and maintenance more convenient; and helped the retail industry build SD-WAN solutions to achieve effective control of each environment. Along with the evolution of VMware’s technology route, Huaxun Networks is also actively expanding in containers, modern application delivery and AI/ML, and has started testing and landing work with some large enterprises and banks in the areas of database and containers.

Wan Hong, General Manager of Strategic Partners, VMware Greater China

In terms of partner ecology, VMware continues to leverage the local strengths of the VMware Innovation Network (VIN) to build an open innovation partner community suitable for China, with a focus on working with partners to support customers’ digital transformation and a greater focus on cloud services and modern application development. In addition, VMware is committed to connecting innovative companies and projects, uniting investment institutions, universities, research institutes, industrial parks, partners and customers to bring together the power of ecology, technology and industry. In the transformation process of multi-cloud, SaaS and modern applications, VMware is constantly improving its ecosystem based on customer needs, while providing more empowerment and incentives to partners to ultimately contribute value to customers. We hope to give more support to our partners, bring them more benefits, and form a virtuous ecosystem that can contribute more to the digital transformation of our customers.”

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