Can run Android apps? Microsoft Windows 11 new features are coming

Recently, Microsoft updated Windows 11 once again. With the frequency of updates, windows 11 has become more and more progressive in terms of market share and usefulness.

And probably the biggest change in this update is the Android apps promised to Windows 11 users before the initial release of Windows 11, thanks to the Amazon Appstore Preview, where over 1,000 apps and games are being added to the Microsoft Store through the Amazon Appstore.

Other notable new improvements include.

Mute/unmute and share any window from the taskbar

Add real-time weather on the taskbar

Clock displayed on the second monitor when using two screens

Two redesigned applications: Media Player and Notepad

Microsoft has announced that it will push new features to Windows 11 systems by way of Experience Packs starting next month. This is mainly attributed to the new modular design of the Windows system, through Experience Packs and Microsoft Store, Microsoft can release new features and updates to existing features faster, and no longer need to wait for system updates.

So, are you looking forward to such windows 11?

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