CAS software team releases programming software for quantum computing

Zhongguancun Online news, recently the Chinese Academy of Sciences Software Institute team recently released a new quantum computing programming software isQ-Core, and successfully deployed to the world’s leading superconducting quantum hardware platform, marking an important step in the combination of domestic quantum computing software and hardware. It is reported that isQ-Core quantum programming language and its compiler are simple, easy to use, efficient, highly scalable and reliable, which can provide a lot of convenience for quantum computing users. In the future, isQ-Core will continue to upgrade, add and improve more functions, and develop in concert with our quantum computing hardware.

Quantum computing is a new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics to regulate quantum information units for computing. In contrast to the traditional general-purpose computer, whose theoretical model is a general-purpose Turing machine; the general-purpose quantum computer, whose theoretical model is a general-purpose Turing machine reinterpreted with the laws of quantum mechanics. In terms of computable problems, quantum computers can only solve problems that traditional computers can solve, but in terms of computational efficiency, certain known quantum algorithms are faster than traditional general-purpose computers in processing problems due to the superposition of quantum mechanics.

isQ-Core was jointly developed by the Institute of Software of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the technical team of Beijing Zhongke Arc Light Quantum Software Technology Co. The platform is the largest quantum computing cloud platform in China, supported by the research team of “Zuchongzhi”, and will introduce the computing power of “Zuchongzhi II”.

It is reported that the teams are stepping up the implementation of larger-scale hardware and software docking, which will provide a better platform for various institutions and individuals at home and abroad to carry out theoretical research, basic experiments and application exploration of quantum computing.

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