Questionnaire What are the other pain points of the conference tablet?

Conference tablet gradually become the main product to empower the intelligent upgrade of the conference room, the development of the conference tablet market in the past two years proved the vitality of this product. 2021-2027, the global conference tablet market size will maintain a continuous growth trend, the market size is forecast to reach 58.4 billion yuan by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.4.

Tencent launched a new business XR, the layout of the full true Internet, Ma Huateng first mentioned

February 15 afternoon news, according to Sina Technology reports, Tencent has launched a new business – XR (Extended Reality, ExtendedReality) business, and has recently opened live water recruitment internally, that is, transferring posts across departments internally. According to the report, the business focuses on laying out a full-link XR ecology, including XR devices on the hardware side.

Once again against Apple Lei Jun: the new machine shock beyond the A company

Zhongguancun Online news: February 15, Redmi cell phone official microblogging on the RedmiK50 gaming version of the warm-up, the debut of the “ultra-wide frequency X-axis motor” challenge Android’s strongest. Lei Jun also forwarded the microblogging, and said that it “is said to be the strongest motor for Android phones, and it is said that the strongest vibration is beyond A company! Again against the standard.