China’s mainland share of only 16% of the wafer manufacturing market is a long way to go

Recently, a research institute released a market report on global wafer capacity, according to which the monthly capacity of global IC wafers as of 2021 is 21.6 million pieces of 200 mm equivalent wafers.

Among them, China’s monthly production capacity of 3.5 million pieces, accounting for 16% of global production capacity.

Specifically, mainland China’s share of capacity has increased by one percentage point in each of the past two years, with a cumulative increase of 7 percentage points since 2011, when mainland China accounted for 9% of total IC wafer production capacity.

In addition, about half of the wafers produced in mainland China are produced by overseas as well as by companies in Taiwan, China. Some of its largest local fabs are owned by SK Hynix, Samsung, TSMC and UMC.

SK Hynix accounts for 17 percent of China’s production capacity. This does not include Intel’s Dalian NAND flash memory plant, which SK Hynix is acquiring. Ownership of the plant was transferred to SK Hynix in December 2021, but Intel will continue operations through March 2025.

The agency also expects China’s share of global IC wafer capacity to reach nearly 19 percent by 2024. In addition, by the end of 2021, South Korea is 23%, Taiwan, China is 21%, Japan is 15%, the Americas is 11%, and Europe is 5%.

In terms of market share, although the Chinese wafer market is progressing faster, it still needs to continue to work hard in absolute terms.

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