Divided into A300 / A500 / A700 three series of Intel ARC solo display exposure

According to the news, the SiSoftware platform has now revealed the models and specifications of Intel’s ARC Solo Graphics, which are divided into three series: A300, A500 and A700. Let’s look at these three series, which are equipped with up to 128EU/384EU/512EU, 64bit 6GB/192bit 12GB/256bit 16GB video memory. In addition, at the Intel Investor Conference, Intel announced that the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Division is expected to ship more than 4 million discrete GPUs in 2022. OEMs will release laptops configured with Intel ARC graphics cards (codenamed Alchemist) in Q1 2022, ship discrete graphics cards for desktops in Q2, and discrete graphics cards for workstations in Q3. graphics cards for workstations in Q3. In addition, the Celestial for the super enthusiast level market, its architecture development work has also officially begun.