Factory pre-installed MIUI13, Redmi K50 supports WeChat pop-up notifications

February 16 news Redmi K50 gaming version officially released, after the full disclosure of the configuration, the official introduced a small feature, K50 gaming version shipped with MIUI 13, support WeChat pop-up notification. When playing the game, WeChat messages will float across the screen like a pop-up screen.

The K50 Gaming Edition is priced from 3,299 yuan, pre-sale is already open, click the link below to go directly >>

The K50 gaming edition is equipped with Snapdragon 8 chip, entering the top performance club of 2022, CPU and GPU synchronized generation, gaming experience jumped; full-blooded LPDDR5 + upgraded UFS 3.1 high power output; new generation 4nm process, power consumption perfect balance.

The K50 Gaming Edition has extreme heat dissipation in the whole chain without dead ends; the charging IC is covered with the new generation VC material, which improves thermal conductivity by 40%; the processor is covered with the thermal conductive copper heat sink, which improves thermal conductivity by 3.5 times; the antenna is covered with the second generation aerospace graphene, which improves thermal conductivity by 20%.

K50 gaming version game full frame run 30 minutes, the body is less than 44 ℃; 4700mAh heavy use, properly last a full day; thin 8.5mm, 4700mAh + dual VC inside.