Freshness is more than one side Hisense vacuum refrigerator brings intelligent food management solution

What is the wisdom of the kitchen scene? Hisense refrigerator to give you the answer. February 22, Hisense refrigerator officially released the “wisdom fun link vacuum fresh more than one side” wisdom fun ingredients management program, management program in-depth analysis in the Hisense vacuum refrigerator as the terminal hub of the kitchen scene, how to achieve wisdom life.

Vacuum and wisdom technology integration of efficient management of fresh

Under the pressure of busy life, let the contemporary people used to hoard fresh, but always forget the appreciation period of the ingredients, until the ingredients deteriorate after the expiration date can only be helplessly thrown away, both waste and heartache. Based on this pain point, Hisense vacuum refrigerator in the vacuum preservation of this patented technology, so that the most fresh period of ingredients into the “dormant” state, the maximum retention of food color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrition, based on the NFC technology implanted in the product, to provide users with a new efficient and intelligent food management program.

In the process of use, users only need to match the ingredients sticker or ingredients folder and cell phone touch to store and take ingredients, you can easily manage the ingredients expired, expiry reminders, the perfect solution to the user “what is inside the refrigerator, what can eat” these two pain points, to achieve the refrigerator ingredients Intelligent management, reduce the waste of ingredients. In addition, Hisense vacuum refrigerator can also generate recipes according to the existing ingredients in the refrigerator, and can rely on the third-party fresh food cooperation platform, in the recipe details page, a key order missing ingredients, one-stop food procurement to home, greatly convenient for daily life, so that each ingredient to make the best use of fresh and more intelligent, more free time to return to the busy users.

Cell phone remote control to show humanistic care

With the improvement of consumers’ demand for quality life, users’ demand for home appliances is changing from functional consumption to quality consumption. According to the “White Paper” released by Home Appliance 2021, intelligence and humanization have become the core elements of users’ concern. Easy-to-operate home appliances have better quality experience and can better improve the quality of life, and users are more willing to use innovative technology products.

In the Hisense vacuum refrigerator wisdom interesting ingredients management function, naturally also everywhere flow of humanistic care: out and about can also be started remotely, in advance of the refrigerator freezer down to -34 ℃ of the one-key deep cooling function; prevent elders old memory is not good, children naughty careless forget to close the refrigerator door cause waste, cell phone APP message to remind the Open the door alarm function …… show the charm of wisdom appliances.

This Hisense vacuum refrigerator wisdom upgrade, once again highlights Hisense refrigerator has been insisting on the innovative technology, manufacturing the most excellent products, to provide users with the most quality service determination. In the 5G era, Hisense refrigerator will continue to firmly grasp the industry development trend, embrace the intelligent development trend, predict user needs with technology, manage fresh ingredients, and make life more convenient and interesting.