From 131,800! Pre-sale orders break 20,000! BYD Yuan PLUS goes on sale today

In recent years, the new energy vehicle market has seen rapid growth, with models and range all seeing a leap forward. In the eyes of the situation is very good, February 19, 2022 at 15:00 pm, BYD opened the launch of the Yuan PLUS. I believe that if you know the BYD brand, you must also know the performance of the BYD Dynasty series in the market in recent years, the status of the new energy market. Previously, BYD with Yuan, Yuan Pro two models, in the A-class trial production of electric vehicles can be described as a fish in the field, reputation sales double harvest, in order to meet the gradually increasing demand for new energy vehicles, Yuan PLUS in the launch ushered in a lot of hot reviews, the next, I will take you to understand BYD – Yuan PLUS in What are the breakthroughs in design, function and intelligence.

In terms of exterior design, the front face of Yuan PLUS inherits BYD’s family design face – EV Dragon Face, a very sports car visual sense of front design. In addition, there is an aggressive design language air inlet in the lower bumper, which makes the front of the car look very fierce through the expansion and extension of space.

The side of the car has a strong sporty atmosphere through the deeply carved lines, and the side of the car looks fuller thanks to the light and shadow effects produced by different lines. With the unique dragon scale texture on the D-pillar and the exquisite electroplated stripes on the wheels give the side sides a full aura.

Not only the visual aura is strong, but the body parameters are a major focus of this time. Built on BYD e 3.0 platform, Yuan PLUS has a body size of 4455/1875/1615mm and a wheelbase of 2720mm, with a larger body with a sliding back and low-slung shape, giving a sense of sportiness to the body. The Yuan PLUS comes in five exterior color schemes – Surf Blue, Ski White, Climbing Gray, Adventure Green and Runner Red – providing plenty of options for everyone.

The interior design of BYD YuanPLUS revolves around four design concepts: extraordinary, mechanical, muscular and confident. Its muscle is mainly shown in the door interior, the horizontal lines in the center control instrument design, creating a sense of power and wrapping inside the car.

Secondly, in the mechanical part mainly shows the design concept of super hardcore. Formed by the guitar-like four doors of the audio and storage compartment, so that the car’s “muscle” lines and “mechanical” design to form a sharp contrast. In addition, the door handles, the air conditioning outlets and the gearshift lever are also different from the common ones, all incorporating mechanical design elements, and the hardcore interior design makes the Yuan PLUS more dominant.

I believe you are like me, in addition to the appearance of the interior, the most concerned about the BYD Yuan PLUS power unit.

As mentioned before, the BYD Yuan PLUS is based on the BYD e 3.0 platform, which means that the features found in flagship models such as Han and Tang can also be downgraded to the Yuan PLUS. The BYD e 3.0 platform combines safety, efficiency, intelligence, and aesthetics, and is a testament to BYD’s strong R&D strength in the new energy sector.

First of all, in terms of power unit, Yuan PLUS is equipped with eight-in-one electric power assembly, wide temperature domain high efficiency heat pump, blade battery and intelligent domain control architecture to achieve safe and efficient driving experience. The new vehicle also breaks the traditional distributed system architecture and adopts body electronic control domain technology, allowing the electronic and electrical system to achieve a highly integrated, lightweight and efficient progression. Based on the above advantages, making Yuan PLUS has 150kW peak power, 310N-m peak torque powertrain, horsepower up to 204hp hundred, kilometer acceleration only 7.3S, CLTC comprehensive range of 510KM, 100km energy consumption as low as 12.1kWh/100KM, it can be said that such achievements in the A-class pure electric SUV is still very competitive.

Thanks to BYD’s strong brand power and the strong product power of YuanPLUS, it will also become the first BYD brand “strategic overseas” global passenger car, which will be exported in Asia Pacific, Europe, America, Middle East and Africa. It can be said that the ten names on the BYD Yuan PLUS is still very tough, may see BYD’s expectations and expectations of it. Of course, in the domestic market YuanPLUS has taken a big step forward, in the pre-sale stage YuanPLUS order sales have exceeded 20,000 units.

Finally, in terms of pricing, the new car is available in five models, with an official guide price of 131,800 yuan – 159,800 yuan, and offers five exclusive benefits.

The achievements of BYD brand in the field of new energy in recent years are obvious to all. Last year, it took the annual sales champion of Chinese new energy passenger cars, proving the extraordinary BYD brand to the market with sales, and hoping that Yuan PLUS will achieve excellent results in the overseas market to show the outside world the difference of domestic new energy brands.