Google Chrome development version officially updated version 100 Any bugs?

There has been a warning before, Google chrome browser will soon usher in the 100 version number, these two days finally officially released, the development version has been upgraded to version 100, the updated version number is 100.0.4878.0, finally officially released, I do not know whether it will trigger the problem of access to certain websites?

Version information

I had previously written a content to introduce some of the difficulties of browser development, Google Chrome upgrade or cause website paralysis Why is it more difficult to develop a browser than an operating system, you can click in and take a look.

Upgrade success

Anyway, every time after the official launch will be found before the unexpected bugs, this is normal, now there is an official version, interested friends can open to try, they often browse the page has no bugs, welcome to reply to the link to the comments section to discuss.

I have not found any bugs in the place yet, it seems that compatibility problems should be relatively small.