Hand in hand with the happy mahjong interpretation of the new machine selling point Samsung Galaxy S22 series domestic release

Zhongguancun online news: February 22 evening, Samsung Galaxy S22 series of new launch officially held, the official together with the “happy mahjong” team for the first time to try to use the form of stage drama on the series of cell phone shooting characteristics, performance interpretation, bring a unique launch site.

Samsung Galaxy S22 launch site

In this stage play, the actor played the role of a video creator who was not understood by others. But in the end, the Samsung S22 series’ superb dual-track image stabilization scheme, night compensation scheme and other video shooting capabilities surpassed everyone’s imagination.

Samsung Galaxy S22 launch site

The launch event is still going on, interested users can click the link below to watch the launch.

Watch the launch>>

Samsung Galaxy S22 (8GB/128GB/5G version) Superb and excellent image system, super bright and smooth full view screen, new generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform


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