How to use a movie to confess to TA Small gathering of cinema Valentine’s Day film list is here

“If I have to put a deadline on this love, I hope it’s 10,000 years.” This 2-14 Valentine’s Day, if you have to confess with a movie, which one will you choose? In this exclusive lover’s day, poly good-looking specially for couples gathered many popular love movies, both Beijing love “I want us to be together”, and Hong Kong and Taiwan love “Zhiming and Chunjiao”, Sichuan and Chongqing love “teenage you”, Xiamen love “your wedding”, Nanjing love “July and An Sheng” …… there is always a movie that can depict your love.

The film “through the winter embrace you” will also be premiered on Valentine’s Day in the whole network of the platform, the film portrays the early outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, ordinary citizens watch out for each other, sincere and moving love group portrait. In the film, Huang Bo and Jia Ling work together for the first time, interpreting the role of volunteer “comrades” who fought side by side during the epidemic, interpreting the ordinary and great of small people very vividly.

If you love, you have to express it bravely! In the movie “Embracing You Through the Winter”, the twilight love of a pair of 70-year-olds has touched countless audiences. As a retired obstetrician and gynecologist, the grandmother (played by Yanshu Wu) chooses to risk her life to support the front line, and the grandfather (played by Shawn Xu) finally finds the courage to confess to her when she leaves: I want to take care of you for the rest of my life. And the grandmother also said with tears in her eyes: I promise you. Love has no age, and we all deserve to be loved at every age, and should speak up about what we love.

It is worth noting that the small gathering of the cinema special area of the Goujiao platform gathered a large number of exclusive cinema blockbusters, through the unique image quality processing technology has greatly improved the film effect, so viewers can enjoy the cinema-level shocking audio and visual at home, Valentine’s Day can revisit those years of high reputation love movies, including “warm”, “Love has an afterlife”, “The Ballad of Clouds and Water The Yangtze River” and “Textile Girl” and other classic movies. Among them, the film “Ballad of Clouds and Water” starring Chen Kun, Xu Ruoxuan and Li Bingbing crossed the strait and went through more than 60 years of changes, telling a poignant story of fatherly love, which is infinitely moving. In addition, the Golden Horse Award-winning film “The Yangtze River” starring Qin Hao and Xin Zhilei is also worth watching. The film tells a magical love story that takes place on the Yangtze River between two time zones, showing the poetry and mystery of the Eastern way.

After a day’s work, no amount of chocolates and flowers may be as good as accompanying your beloved TA to share a good movie in a small gathering theater. So, are you ready for your love movie this Valentine’s Day?