HP 2.16 gaming new conference in the end to bring gamers what?

On February 16, 2022 at 18:30, the much-anticipated OMEN Shadow Genie series and HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Genie series products came to help players “play with internal power, full speed out”! In the live release site, HP product managers together with the King of Pigs and King of Wings staged a wonderful product review session, which can be said to be the first gaming show of the year!

In this opening year gaming feast, HP offered a number of new high-performance gaming products, including OMEN Shadow Genie 8, OMEN Shadow Genie 8 Plus, HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Genie 8, HP VICTUS desktop PC and OMEN Shadow Genie gaming desktop PC, which can be said to radiate to all levels of gaming players in the whole domain.

Boundless gaming notebook: HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Wizard 8

The first to appear at the HP gaming family new product launch is the HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Elf 8, which has the title of a borderless gaming book.

The appearance of meteorite black, surging blue, frost white three color appearance can be selected, the fashion, elegant, calm temperament into one, showing a kind of uncompromising spirit, at the same time, the A side without too many elements decorated, only in the middle of the “V” LOGO design, in line with the current respected minimalist This is in line with the current trend of minimalism and stands out in office scenarios.

Although the screen size is 16.1 inches, the body size is only 15.6 inches, which is why the portability is so outstanding because of the ultra-narrow bezel design, with 4mm left and right bezels and 8mm upper bezel, bringing a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 84%, bringing portability while enjoying an immersive gaming experience.

HP VICTUS Lightning Wizard 8 is fully upgraded with the 12th generation Intel Core processors, up to the optional 14-core, 20-thread i7-12700H processor, which uses a hybrid CPU architecture of performance cores/energy-efficient cores to improve performance by up to 40% and speed up games by up to 28%.

Graphics cards up to equipped with support for ray tracing and DLSS AI acceleration Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, bringing realistic gaming graphics and advanced artificial intelligence technology, combining performance and functionality in a straight line to enhance the gaming experience.

In addition, HP VICTUS Light Wizard 8 also brings a gaming-grade PCIe 4.0 SSD upgrade, with an 80% increase in sequential read speed compared to PCIe 3.0.

For different gamers’ budgets and configuration needs, HP VICTUS Light Wizard 8 has numerous configuration options, including i5-12500H+RTX3050 first price of $6199, i5-12500H+RTX3050Ti first price of $6,399, i7-12700H+RTX3050 first price of 6599 yuan i7-12700H + RTX3050Ti debut price 6799 yuan, i7-12700H + RTX3060 debut price 7999 yuan.

Star-class gaming artifact: OMEN HP Shadow Genie 8

As an absolute star-level product in the gaming market, the OMEN Shadow Genie series has also undergone a comprehensive update with the launch of the OMEN Shadow Genie 8 and OMEN Shadow Genie 8 Plus.

For OMEN Shadow Wizard 8 and OMEN Shadow Wizard 8 Plus, the relationship between the two is like a large cup and a tea mega cup. OMEN Shadow Wizard 8 has specific dimensions of 248x369mm in length and width, and OMEN Shadow Wizard 8 Plus has specific dimensions of 262x397mm in length and width, so you can buy them as needed.

The OMEN Shadow Genie 8 series has a simple and stylish design, with the A-side using a frosted matte black color scheme, which is simple and generous, and the “OMEN” LOGO in the middle, which is highly recognizable. The C-side has a skin-like coating, which provides a more comfortable experience for gamers. The design of the hidden spindle is also used, so that the rear part of the machine will not protrude extra after opening the screen, making the visual effect of the machine more integrated.

OMEN Shadow Genie 8 and OMEN Shadow Genie 8 Plus have different focus, the former still looks slimmer overall, with a thickness of 22.5mm and a weight of 2.3kg. It is suitable for gamers in multiple scenarios.

The OMEN Shadow Genie 8 Plus is a 17.3-inch screen packed into a small body, with a 2.5K+165Hz high-resolution, high-refresh rate gaming screen, capable of achieving a 3ms response, allowing players to completely say goodbye to shadow dragging and lagging in the gaming process, providing an excellent gaming experience. At the same time 100% sRGB high color gamut, can provide a richer color display effect, restore the most realistic game picture, suitable for those players who have high requirements for visual experience.

Specific price.

OMEN Shadow Genie 8: i5-12500H + RTX3060 debut price of $7,299, i7-12700H + RTX3060 debut price of $7,999, i7-12700H + RTX3070Ti debut price of $10,499.

OMEN Shadow Genie 8 Plus: i7-12700H + RTX3060 debuts at $8,999, i7-12700H + RTX3070Ti debuts at $10,999, i7-12700H + RTX3080Ti debuts at $14,999.

The first performance tool for young people: HP VICTUS desktop PC

According to the advanced needs of gamers, HP brought HP VICTUS desktop PC in this new gaming launch.

Among them, HP VICTUS desktop PC adopts the new ID design loved by young gamers, with a simple, hard and highly textured shape. At the same time, the upgraded RGB Logo light has three modes: fixed, breathing, and flashing for players to choose, and supports multiple colors to bring a cool sense of gaming atmosphere.

HP VICTUS desktop PC is equipped with Intel’s latest 12th generation Core processors, with Intel’s temperature adaptive Core acceleration and Intel Dynamic Tuning technology (for continuous performance optimization) technology support, allowing performance to play a step closer. Up to the 12th generation i7-12700F processor with 12 cores and 20 threads, up to 4.9 GHz, and 25 MB Intel Intelligent Cache, which dramatically improves the loading speed of large games and creative applications, allowing gamers to show off their skills in the game battlefield and video editing.

The graphics card, up to the optional RTX3060 with NVIDIA Ampere architecture, delivers up to 1.9x performance improvement per watt compared to the previous generation, and can power graphics at up to 8K resolution. This series brings more powerful deep learning cores and streaming multiprocessors that double ray tracing and AI performance, providing more stunning visuals, stronger frame rate performance and smarter AI acceleration algorithms for gaming and creative design work.

As the first high-performance console for young people, the i5-12400F+GTX1650 debuts at just $5,299, along with the i5-12400F+GTX1660 Super debuting at $6,299 and the i5-12400F+RTX3060 debuting at $6,999.

Top Gamers First Choice: OMEN HP Shadow Genie Gaming PC

OMEN’s new dual-color chassis for the Shadow Wizard gaming desktop PC is available with a panoramic tempered glass side panel chassis as standard, with fans, memory sticks, water-cooling RGB lighting effects, and a customizable full body lighting system.

With removable side panels, press the button on the back of the case to open the left side glass panel, no tools required, more convenient operation, for players to DIY or replace accessories according to demand, to meet the needs of high-end players to disassemble and expand.

Standard with the latest intel 12th generation Intel i7-12700F processor, with 12 cores and 20 threads, up to 4.9 GHz, 25 MB Intel Intelligent Cache, the performance is more pure.

Up to the optional RTX3070, with NVIDIA Ampere architecture, more powerful deep learning cores and streaming multiprocessors, doubling ray tracing and AI performance, bringing more stunning visual display effects, more powerful frame rate performance, and powerful display power for up to 8K resolution graphics.

In terms of specific pricing, the i7-12700F+RTX3060Ti debuts at $8,999 and the i7-12700F+RTX3070 debuts at $9,999.

In the past eight years, HP has always been based on the real feedback of players, continue to innovate the product ecology and community, rely on innovative technology to optimize the powerful gaming equipment exclusively for players, with the same original intention as the origin, and constantly renew the gaming experience of players. The theme of this conference is “play with internal power, full speed out”, committed to the fastest speed, the most complete, the latest upgrade of the 8th generation of HP gaming product family to the majority of players.

This year, HP’s 8th generation gaming product family arrives with gamers’ expectations as promised, with more diverse products, stronger strength, and more personalized HP gaming control center, helping gamers to fire up the battlefield and enjoy the fun of gaming.