Huawei next month to open the conference: the new Mate flagship came with 5G!

The current industry exposure Huawei will hold a conference next month, the launch will be listed on the latest Mate 40E Pro, the machine will use Kirin 9000 series 5G chip, support 5G! And will also be listed P50 E as well as the latest tablet products.

The latest release of Huawei P50 E for only 4G, but the price will be cheaper, and the latest tablet product is the MatePad 10.4, with the chip adjusted from Kirin to Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, according to the exposure.

The release is scheduled for late next month, the specific time has not been officially announced, the above information is also a summary of recent news, but the credibility is very high.

有5G!华为新品发布会曝光:华为Mate 40E Pro、P50 E下月发

At present, Huawei Mate 40E Pro and Huawei P50 E have passed the certification, both of them support up to 66W fast charging.