Huawei Smart Choice China Mobile NZONE S7 series 5G phones to be released

Recently, China Mobile officially announced the release of the new NZONE S7 series 5G cell phone at 14:30 on January 5. The previously released NZONE S7 Pro 5G phone is equipped with a 7nm MediaTek Tiangui 720 5G Soc, with a 6.6-inch 20:9 hole punch screen with a 94.2% screen-to-body ratio and 90Hz refresh rate, a built-in 4000mAh battery and support for 40W fast charging, priced from 2299 yuan. And this phone is actually a product of Huawei’s Smart Series. At present, the official microblogging put out a new countdown poster, the specific product specifications have not been released.

China Mobile previously launched the NZONE S7 Pro 5G phone

华为智选 NZone s7pro 5G手机 【S7 Pro】优雅黑 8+128G

Huawei Smart Choice NZone s7pro 5G phone [S7 Pro] Elegant Black 8+128G

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[Product Price] RMB 1499