In order to get Xiaomi 12 in advance, I went through the “back door” of the Xiaomi House

On December 28, after a year Xiaomi released a new digital flagship Xiaomi 12. I as a Xiaomi user, from the beginning of college has been using Xiaomi’s cell phone, life’s first smartphone is Xiaomi 4, with 3 years, and then their part-time job in college bought Xiaomi 6 ceramic version to graduation, after work bought Xiaomi 9 and Xiaomi 10 Pro.

The previous Xiaomi production capacity is limited, after the release of the phone to grab half a year, the supply to gradually meet the consumer. Now Xiaomi’s supply chain management has made greater progress, starting with the Xiaomi 8, the basic first release will have the goods.

This year, Xiaomi’s offline stores have exceeded 10,000, in order to support the offline channel, the supply of goods tend to be offline, offline store reservations to take the phone, there are many concessions, and do not have to wait for the courier. So, in order to get Xiaomi 12 as soon as possible, I chose to pick up the goods offline.

Therefore, I contacted a Xiaomi Home shopkeeper on December 24 and gave a “deposit” in advance. By the way, after work on December 28, went to the Xiaomi Home to touch the Xiaomi 12 in advance.

Xiaomi Home employees watching the launch

After the price of Xiaomi 12 series was announced, the Xiaomi Home staff took out the prototype, and I started to experience the Xiaomi 12 series and took some pictures to appreciate it.

I always wanted a flagship phone with a small screen, this time Xiaomi 12 did a comparison with iPhone 13 during the pre-launch, I think Xiaomi 12 feels better than iPhone 13, the body of Xiaomi 12 is narrower, the screen is bigger, the bezel is curved and has a comfortable grip.

Hardware parameters, you do not have to worry, Xiaomi 12 does what a flagship should look like.

Its equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8, LPDDR5 memory, UFS 3.1 flash memory, 2600mm2 VC even thermal plate; 6.28-inch 1080P screen; front 32MP, rear 50MP main camera (Sony IMX766, 1/1.56, OIS) + 13MP ultra-wide angle (123 °) + 5MP telephoto macro. 4500mAh battery, 67W fast charging, 50W wireless second charging, 10W wireless reverse charging.

I took a look at all four colors of the Xiaomi 12 and finally chose blue. The green vegan leather version is also better, but the vegan leather is still easily dirty if not protected.

The phone arrived yesterday, but for various reasons, it has not been unboxed, I will use the holiday days to do a comprehensive review for you, welcome your comments.

小米12(8GB/128GB/5G版) 高通骁龙8Gen1处理器,120Hz高刷,5000万高清主摄,67W快充

Xiaomi 12 (8GB/128GB/5G version) Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, 120Hz high brush, 50 million HD main camera, 67W fast charging

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