Increasingly unaffordable? Apple iMac computers may be getting more expensive

Feb. 21 — In the latest edition of the Power On newsletter, noted Apple commentator Mark Gurman cautions against getting your hopes up for Apple’s iMac computer, as the company has no plans to develop a large-screen, low-end iMac.

Gurman said Apple’s new products this year will include the Apple Watch Series 8 line, the iPhone 14 and a new iPad Pro, but most of the attention will be focused on the Mac.

That’s because Apple is entering the third phase of its end-to-end computer overhaul — a move that includes dumping products with Intel chips in favor of products with its own chips. This year, Apple will introduce several new Mac computers based on the following processors to speed up the transition: the M2 chip, the M1 Pro, the M1 Max, and the Super-powered version (Super-powered) of the M1 Max.

The third phase of the Mac update is likely to begin on March 8, when Apple holds its first event of the year, which will see the launch of at least one new Mac.