Intel i5-12400F runtime score exposure!

Foreign media Video Cardz recently broke the news: a YouTuber @Chill Builds released a video showing his purchase of Intel’s 12th generation Core i5-12400 processor.

This processor does not have a K suffix, does not support overclocking, and has not yet been officially released. This boxed processor includes the new Intel original cooler, which is relatively small and uses a downward pressure cooling method. Whether the cooler can hold down the i5-12400 CPU, the tipster conducted a test on the machine.

According to current information, the Intel i5-12400 processor does not have a large or small core architecture and has 6 cores and 12 threads. Single-core RWD 4.4GHz, full-core RWD 4.0GHz, TDP 65W, with 18MB L3 cache.

In terms of actual test results, the processor Cinebench R20 scored 1693 points for single-core and 12137 points for multi-core; the core frequency was up to 3990MHz during the runtime, and the temperature reached 81°C under the original cooler. It looks like the cooler is still under pressure to suppress the i5-12400.