Intel’s first mining card announced that the energy efficiency ratio crushed GPU 1000 times

Evidence has emerged that Intel is developing a “mining card” specifically for bitcoin mining, an ASIC acceleration chip to be exact, and has entered into a long-term partnership with a major customer. Today, Intel officially announced this special product and set up a new business unit around it.

Intel will be positioned as a “blockchain accelerator” (blockchain accelerator), the use of Intel Labs decades of research in cryptography, hashing technology, ultra-low voltage circuit technology, not only a very small area, but also extremely energy efficient, said SHA-256 algorithm mining The energy efficiency ratio of performance is more than 1000 times that of mainstream GPU graphics cards.

More technical details will be announced at the ISSCC International Solid State Circuit Conference later this month.

The product will officially ship later this year, with the first customers including three large Bitcoin mining companies, Argo Blockchain, BLOCK (formerly known as Square), and GRIID Infrasturcture.

At the same time, in order to support the new product and promote an open and secure blockchain ecosystem, Intel has set up a new Customer Compute Group under the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics business unit led by Senior Vice President Raja Koduri.

Previously exposed that Intel’s “mining card” named BZM2, using Intel 4 process manufacturing, area of only 14.16 square millimeters, core frequency of 1.67GHz, mining arithmetic power 137GH / s, power consumption of only 2.5W.

25 such chips can form a system, the total voltage is only 8.875V, the average single is only 0.335V.