iPhone 14 front camera module looks like this? The pill screen adds a new member

The iPhone 14 front camera module rendering was recently produced by foreign users based on the known information of the iPhone 14 series. As you can see, the overall design is similar to the “pill hole” design, which still includes sensors, lenses, sensor elements, microphones and other components.

According to MacRumors, the iPhone 14 series will have two screen design options: the standard version and the Max version that replaces the mini will still have a bangs design, while the Pro/Pro Max version will have a perforated screen design, and this rendering should correspond to the Pro version of the two models.

It is reported that the iPhone 14 standard version and iPhone 14 Max screen size of 6.1/6.7 inches, respectively, the latter is the replacement of the mini version of the series of new models. This also represents the iPhone 13 mini released in 2021 will be the last small-screen flagship of the iPhone.

At the same time, the iPhone 14 Pro will continue to be equipped with a display that supports ProMotion 120Hz, the supplier replaced from Samsung to LG Display. two standard versions of the series is likely to still use 60Hz screen.

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