Jay Chou’s entry into the meta-universe: bigger than the house bought by JJ Lin

Not long ago, JJ Lin showed three virtual plots of land in Decentraland platform and announced his official entry into the “Yuan Universe”, these three plots of land are about RMB 800,000, if the building is finished or transformation million may be worth millions.

The news came out early this morning that Jay Chou also began to enter the meta-universe, ready to buy land and big houses!

Jay has sunshine received the NFT gift, at the same time with his related website also on January 1 began to sell the NFT project in limited quantities.

And now there is news that many celebrities other than Jay also have their own virtual plots in the Decentraland platform, as well as a large number of virtual assets.

How do netizens evaluate this matter?

继林俊杰购买虚拟土地后 周杰伦也入局元宇宙:晒出NFT新年礼物