Jingjia Micro: JM9 series GPU will continue to optimize after

Core Research, February 22 news, at the end of last year, Jingjia Micro launched a new generation of JM9 series GPU, using 14nm process, the performance of the GTX 1050 graphics card level. In addition to GPU hardware, GPU software ecology is also crucial, software adaptation will also affect the GPU play, a few days ago an investor asked Jingjia Micro this aspect of the problem, pointing out that the software adaptation of the current progress? Is the software capability able to stimulate most of the hardware performance?

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For this question, Jingjia Micro said on February 22 in the investor interactive platform, the company JM9 series chip has completed the initial testing work, and will continue to optimize the subsequent. However, Jingjia Micro did not reveal the specific optimization situation is what kind, before many users concerned about whether to support Windows and DX, etc. There is no clear response.

On December 10, 2021, Jingjia Micro released its flagship new GPU, the JH920, which uses a 14nm process, with a pixel fill rate of 32G Pixels/s, single-precision floating point performance of 1.5TFlops, and power consumption of 30W. Also using the 14nm process, the pixel fill rate is 36.43G Pixels/s, floating point performance is 1.733TFlops, and power consumption is 75W.


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