Lei Jun: Xiaomi 12 Pro successfully pulled out a Xiaomi 6 nail

Xiaomi 12 series of cell phone release, for Xiaomi to external benchmarking iPhone, to internal may be the biggest task is to pick off a large number of nail households. According to official statistics, the single Xiaomi 6 so far there are about 2 million nail households using this phone. And Xiaomi 12 this small screen flagship is for these users. And just recently, Lei Jun unplugged a microblogging pick off a Xiaomi 6 nail household, the user successfully changed from Xiaomi 6 to Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Lei Jun sun plucked a Xiaomi 6 nail household

The annual flagship model Xiaomi 12, the overall performance of the basic no shortcomings, is considered the annual bucket machine, plus the same period of pushing the MIUI 13 calculations like a tiger with wings, if you also happen to want to upgrade the hands of Xiaomi cell phone Xiaomi 12/12Pro are worth considering.

小米12 Pro(8GB/256GB/5G版) 高通骁龙8Gen1处理器,5000万超清三主摄,120W小米澎湃快充

Xiaomi 12 Pro (8GB/256GB/5G version) Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, 50 million ultra-clear three main camera, 120W Xiaomi Surge fast charging

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小米12(8GB/256GB/5G版) 高通骁龙8Gen1处理器,120Hz高刷,5000万高清主摄,67W快充

Xiaomi 12 (8GB/256GB/5G version) Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, 120Hz high brush, 50 million HD main camera, 67W fast charging

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