Love fast 3.6.0 new kernel + 2.0 big operation and maintenance regrouping, synchronized online

At the beginning of the new year, everything is updated, two important versions are released, the new kernel and big operation and maintenance 2.0, which users have been waiting for a long time, are officially launched. This upgrade, AIFL has grasped the demand and prepared carefully, while improving the network performance, upgrading the operation and maintenance capabilities at the same time. It also helps users better use and master operation and maintenance skills and tools, and continuously improve operation and IT management efficiency.

3.6.0 Kernel Upgrade: Better Performance, Faster Speed

The kernel of the routing system is the key to improve network performance, which is equivalent to the starting engine of the network, and can only be faster with strong power. The new version 3.6.0, which is upgraded, has made a lot of design, modification and optimization in the kernel, so that CPU usage, memory usage and data forwarding have achieved a leap forward.

Upgrade content

Support for RWD: CPU automatically accelerates to the right frequency to run programs, which can bring out the maximum performance and further increase the processing speed of current tasks, and does so automatically without user intervention.

Support for Intel 11th generation and AMD Raidon: Support for more advanced hardware architectures and platforms to enhance product compatibility and meet the needs of higher performance scenarios while reducing power consumption.

Support for a large number of network card drivers: New drivers such as AQC series drivers (aqc100,107,108,109,111,112), Intel I225 drivers, Intel I211 ~ I219 drivers, etc., and integrated with the latest HyperV drivers.

In-depth optimization of more features: optimized system forwarding performance, PPPOE forwarding performance, new system settings, you can set the kernel, CPU terminal control, etc. Not only that, but a series of underlying functional optimizations have been completed.

Upgrade Effect

The speed and operational efficiency brought by the kernel performance is perceptible and visible. After rounds and rounds of tests, the test results after the upgrade are shown below.

IK-A120 before and after upgrade comparison

IK-G10 before and after upgrade

D525 before and after upgrade

1037U upgrade before and after the comparison

Note: The above test environment using line package for the downlink 1000M, uplink 100M

Big O&M 2.0 progression road: perfection, drive intelligent O&M

Each iteration of the big O&M update has released more O&M vitality and management value for users. In order to reduce the workload of the IT operation and maintenance team, we are constantly working on the four points of “supervision, management, control and vision” to drive the rapid development of intelligent operation and maintenance, and further speed up the enterprise management on “cloud” with better and more efficient operation and maintenance services. “process.

Refine the global topology

The upgrade of the big operation and maintenance 2.0, intranet topology interface after a new design, presenting a light and simple content, refinement is obvious, mature and perfect function, to achieve the flexible adjustment and rapid response of enterprise operations and maintenance.

1、Icon design: In order to facilitate users to better distinguish the form of the current equipment, the whole set of system icons were redrawn to increase the recognition of the icons and enhance the comfort of use.

Before upgrade

After upgrade

Information improvement:In the topology, you can see some information of the device more intuitively, such as the name of the device, the model of the device, MAC address, management address information, which helps users locate the device more quickly.

For the convenience of users to understand the current state of each port connection of the device, the current link state is subdivided, and now you can know the approximate negotiation rate of the link through the link color on the topology diagram.

Blue: port negotiation rate≥10G

Green: 1G&le; port negotiation rate <10G (online)

Yellow: 10M&le; port negotiation rate <1G

Purple: The current link state is not available, the state is mostly found in the custom link

Manually modify the line: Topology supports users to manually modify the topology link relationship between devices, and the topology display is more perfect.

Improve the cloud switch

From a “professional dust-eating” device in the server room, it has developed into a cloud-based visual monitoring, remote control, alarm troubleshooting, and support for third-party switch connections, etc., which has solved the user’s troubles in managing the switch and removed the barrier that the switch can only be maintained in the server room. This upgrade continues to improve a number of features in the switch on the cloud, the specific upgrades are as follows.

01 Port labeling

Support third-party switch port labeling function to help users easily classify devices, more convenient to retrieve, improve the efficiency and accuracy of identification.

02 Online Upgrade

IK-J7000 series switch latest version has supported online upgrade function J7000 series switch firmware download address: into the technical cloud download directory: AIFI Technical Service Center&rarr;Switch class&rarr;AIFI 7 series switch latest firmware

The latest firmware for the 7 series switches is the latest firmware for the 7 series switches. It will continue to play the role of support and leadership of network services in enterprise development, comprehensively improve the productivity of enterprises, and contribute to the high-quality development of enterprise economy.

Note: This update includes X86 platform and MIPS (A120/ A125/ G05/ M1/ M2/ M5/ M50). Other official hardware will be pushed out in the near future, please wait patiently.