Lu Weibing science phone motor comparable to the iPhone

Zhongguancun Online News: Today, the Redmi K50 gaming version was warmed up, equipped with ultra-wide X-axis linear motor, Lu Weibing also popularized the characteristics of what various types of motors.

The following is the content of Lu Weibing’s science popularization.

From the era of rotor motor, Redmi has been the promoter of high quality motors for cell phones; this time:K50 gaming version is the challenge of vibration sense limit global debut CyberEngine ultra-wide frequency X-axis motor, and strive to pull the vibration sense full for you.

Before pulling full, let’s review together how the phone motor step – step to the game controller standard.

Rotor motor

Now there are two types of motors used in cell phones, one is the rotor motor a linear motor.

Rotor motor and we play as a child four-wheel drive car used by the motor is similar, the principle is very simple, is through a small motor drive eccentric rotor rotation, so as to produce vibration. It is a simple structure, small size, so the response speed is slow, can not achieve the emergency start, emergency stop, making the phone vibration sense some dragging and loose.

We often say that the buzzing vibration effect is produced by this flat rotor motor. In the current many low-end products in the pieces for carrying, but also a very small number of high-end machines are still in use.

Linear Motor

Linear motor is similar to pile driver, it is composed of stator and kinematic stator is composed of line figure and FPC kinematic by the mass of the block and the magnet constitutes the energized line solid in the magnetic field by the action of amperage, with the cloud along the fixed direction of reciprocal motion to produce vibration sense, the frequency of the movement depends on the driving signal frequency. The linear motor has a fast response, a strong sense of vibration, and adjustable vibration frequency and waveform, so it can achieve more complex and various customized vibration effects.

Among the many linear motors, they are divided into Z-axis linear motors (also known as zonal linear motors) and X-axis linear motors (also known as rectangular or lateral linear motors). Z-axis linear motors have a relatively short vibration stroke due to the movement in the Z-axis direction, while X-axis linear motors can achieve a longer stroke with a longer acceleration time, so X-axis linear motors have a stronger vibration than Z-axis linear motors. Most of the flagship models are equipped with X-axis linear motors.

X-axis linear motor

After years of development, now the x-axis motor has been upgraded several times, different generations of x-axis linear motor performance differences are also very large, in general, there are the following generations.

The first generation of X-axis linear motor: magnets and coils in different levels of energized coils in the role of amperage to drive the oscillator, the same volume under the cloud force is weak, and because it will produce part of the Z-axis movement, there is a certain amount of noise. The current entry-level X-axis motor is mostly of this type.

The second generation of X-axis linear motor: the line solid upgrade to electromagnet, magnetic neighborhood and electromagnet in the same horizontal plane, after energized not only produce amperage Y-axis magnets + X-axis magnets work together to provide the X-axis direction of magnetic force under the combined action of amperage and electromagnetic force, drive the oscillator movement under the same volume of power is larger, and lower noise. The current flagship machine turn more than the use of this type of motor.

CyberEngine ultra-wide band X-axis motor

K50 gaming version of the first release of this motor, belongs to the third generation of X-axis linear motor: AAC evaluation it exceeds the current industry all Android models “This may also be the only Android currently comparable to the vibration experience of the iPhone.

It is based on the second generation, the encircling magnets are replaced by two integral multi-pole magnets, forming a track-like structure. The continuous multi-pole magnets constrain the movement within the track while generating a continuous force, and the magnets are closer to the coil. The power is greater in the same volume. The volume even reached an amazing 560mm, bringing a wider frequency range of 50Hz-500Hz expression, restoring the true sense of touch, transient vibration volume is more than three times the traditional flagship x-axis motor.


This may be the most powerful phone motor in Android history, is our handpicked New Year gift for you. When the phone is equipped with the same processor, it is the seemingly insignificant function of the motor that determines the actual experience of the phone is very different.

The iPhone has been the first to reach 5 levels of vibration, and today the K50 gaming will represent the Android camp and challenge the 5 levels of vibration club for you.

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