Many companies do not exhibit: U.S. CES 2022 closed early

Early this morning, CES 2022 originally scheduled to be held on January 5-8 due to a number of well-known companies to give up exhibiting offline exhibition, the show is now scheduled to end on the 8th shortened by one day, the closing time was modified to the 7th U.S. time.

CES is a technology exhibition held by CTA at the beginning of each year, in this opening year of the world’s most concerned about the exhibition, each year’s CES exhibition gathered the world’s high-end products, technology, and due to the epidemic in the past few years, many companies gave up participating in offline CES exhibition.

The organizers currently released the latest announcement, although AMD, intel and many other well-known companies do not exhibit, but there are still the world when 2,200 companies will come to the scene with CES 2022, offline activities “will, and must continue”.