NetEase breaks the Android/iOS system restrictions! Its handheld games achieve dual-platform interoperability

All along, everyone has been held back by the two major Android/iOS systems, especially in terms of games, the accounts of the two platforms are not interoperable at all, and it has become the biggest restriction for many people to change their machines to change camps.

However, NetEase has already started to break this restriction.

According to reports, NetEase agent “light – encounter” hand game official announced today that the iOS platform and Android platform will soon be interoperable, the specific date of the combined service and related news will be announced within 5 days, when the two systems will be able to convert at will.


Officials also said that in order to protect every footprint under the sky kingdom, after the platform merger, the role of travelers in different platforms and channels will be saved will not be merged, and will not affect the normal login of travelers.

In other words, after the merger of the dual platform users will not be subject to any restrictions, and the original archive data will also be fully retained.