New Year’s super second Xiaomi 34-inch curved with fish screen monitor 1999 yuan

Curved display with fish screen is often synonymous with high prices, however, this New Year, Xiaomi 34-inch display with fish screen has created a low-price myth, the second price of only 1999 yuan, a limited number of first-come, first-served.

Brightness of 300 nits, with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, the game screen from bright white to deep black, clear and bright, realistic and vivid. With DC dimming technology, it can effectively reduce monitor screen flicker; global low blue light technology, filtering high-energy blue light, effectively reducing eye fatigue.

小米笔记本 Pro 14 锐龙版 2021款(R7 5800H/16GB/512GB/集显) 锐龙5000系列R7处理器,集成显卡,120Hz全面屏,背光键盘

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 14 Sharp Dragon Edition 2021 model (R7 5800H/16GB/512GB/Collective Display) Sharp Dragon 5000 series R7 processor, integrated graphics, 120Hz full screen, backlit keyboard

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[Product Price] 5999 yuan

小米笔记本 Pro 14 增强版 2021款(i7 11390H/16GB/512GB/MX450) 第十一代英特尔酷睿i7,MX450 2G独显,2.5K120Hz超视网膜流速屏,背光键盘

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 14 Enhanced Edition 2021 (i7 11390H/16GB/512GB/MX450) 11th Generation Intel Core i7, MX450 2G Solo Display, 2.5K 120Hz Ultra Retina Flow Screen, Backlit Keyboard

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[Product Price] 6999RMB