Nippon Denso takes stake in TSMC’s Kumamoto fab: new 12/16nm process

TSMC, Sony and Denso announced recently that Denso will take a $350 million stake in Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (“JASM”), TSMC’s majority shareholder and its manufacturing branch in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, and through this equity investment, Denso will hold Through this equity investment, Denso will hold more than 10% of the equity of JASM. Denso is the world’s second largest automotive parts supplier.

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JASM’s Japanese fab is scheduled to begin construction in 2022, with production scheduled to begin at the end of 2024. To support market demand, in addition to the previously announced adoption of 22/28nm process technology, TSMC will also enhance JASM with 12/16nm process technology and increase monthly production capacity to 55,000 wafers per month of 12-inch wafers.

Officials said that with the increased capacity, the total capital expenditure for the JASM Kumamoto fab is estimated to be about $8.6 billion with strong support from the Japanese government. The wafer fab is expected to directly create about 1,700 high-tech professional jobs. Denso, a global mobility provider with $44.6 billion in sales, develops technologies and components for vehicle makes and models, while investing in 200 facilities that produce thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification and electronic systems.

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