NVIDIA T1000 graphics card for sale, performance equivalent to GTX 1650

NVIDIA’s partners have begun selling the entry-level Quadro T1000 professional graphics card, which was released last May but is only now being sold publicly due to chip shortages.

In terms of specifications, this Quadro T1000 professional graphics card uses the TU117 core of the Turing architecture, with 896 CUDA cores, the highest single precision (FP32) performance of 2.5 TFLOPS, 128bit memory bit width, GDDR6 memory, optional 4GB or 8GB version, equipped with four mDP1.4 interface, for a single fan cooling design, the maximum power consumption is only 50W, does not require external power supply. The maximum power consumption is only 50W and does not require external power supply.

The Quadro T1000 features support for up to four 4K 60FPS or two 8K 60FPS displays, making it one of the smallest graphics cards with multi-4K display capability.

Since it is positioned as an entry-level professional graphics card, its main role is to provide support for professional applications like CAD that do not require too much performance.

NVIDIA also said that the card can provide comparable gaming performance with GeForce GTX 1650.

It is understood that there are already several stores in Japan to start selling, one of them sells a 4GB version with two mDP to HDMI adapters for 51,700 yen (about 2830 yuan), with four mDP to HDMI adapters for 55,000 yen (about 3030 yuan), and another 8GB version for 63,470 yen (about 3474 yuan). 3474 RMB).

In the United States, the 4GB version costs $398 (about 2,529 yuan), but the shipping date will have to wait until March.