Only for sub-4K picture quality Sony officially launched PS App

Recently, Sony’s official account announced on the social platform to more regions of PS5 players open Sony PS App, used to players to share screenshots and videos of games from PS console.

Previously, the PS App has been in Japan, Canada and other places on a trial basis, and now the feature will be open for download in more countries and regions in the Americas, and more countries and regions will be open globally next month, but unfortunately the Chinese region is not included in the list of countries open to this batch for the time being.

It is reported that the PS App only allows the recording of video below 4K, and often not more than 3 minutes, Sony’s servers will only keep the content for 14 days, the local video on PS5 will be kept for a long time. Sony’s move is undoubtedly testing its own cloud game service features and its own affordability, obviously from the restrictions on recording video below 4K + limit the length of online preservation is not difficult to find Sony’s cloud service capabilities still need to be improved, at least it is difficult to compete with rival Microsoft. The future of cloud services will be the next “battlefield” for console games, Sony needs to spend more time and energy to build their own PS cloud game services.