OPPO Find X5 series previewed by Jiang Wen as OPPO image exploration expert

The OPPO official announced a poster this morning, with the text “Jiang Wen’s new phone, an extra chip”, as early as in the OPPO Find X3 series release, Jiang Wen and OPPO cooperation, and now continue to serve as OPPO’s image explorer.

Jiang Wen is recognized as a well-known director in the industry, creating a number of classic films, his work for the lens, light and shadow and color requirements, but also to the extreme, in the color rendering is particularly unique.

In addition, OPPO also released a video of Jiang Wen trying to shoot sunrise scenes with OPPO Find X5 Pro, Jiang Wen commented: “bright enough, dark enough, it can help you handle the color beautifully, an extra chip is really powerful”. It is evident that the OPPO Find X5 series is a new breakthrough in imaging.

Screenshot from OPPO’s preview video

This chip is OPPO’s self-developed 6nm chip Marianas MariSilicon X image dedicated NPU chip, Marianas X as OPPO’s first self-developed chip, is the beginning of the next decade of OPPO’s imaging work, it has a strong computing power, energy efficiency ratio and computing speed, so that the AI algorithm to run at an unprecedented level.

OPPO Find X5 series launch will be held at 19:00 on February 24, OPPO Find X5 series is now on the shelves, now you can make a reservation, interested friends may wish to pay attention to.

OPPO Find X5

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