OPPO officially announced the Find X5 series, will be released on February 24

This morning, OPPO announced today that the new OPPO Find X5 series will be officially released on February 24, 2022 at 19:00.

As OPPO’s flagship model, Find X5 series in the appearance of the continuation of the Find series integrated streamline design. The lens module adopts the “torus” shape, compared to the square layout of the Find X3 series, the Find X5 series in the camera area is more in line with the natural grip of the handset angle.

At the same time, the sunken lens processing has achieved the integration of the lens and the “torus” platform surface, the entire back panel without any break point, a stronger sense of unity.

From the propaganda poster, it can be seen that the Find X5 series offers two material options, ceramic and leather, providing users with more choices, including ceramic version contains two black and white color scheme, feel warm and more advanced sense, with the single layer of ceramic surface reflection characteristics, so that the whole machine to achieve the visual effect of light and shadow uniformity. The leather version is a light blue color with a delicate texture and a comfortable feel.

OPPO Find X5 ceramic back cover to make a continuous irregular surface, for the precision of the process will be very high, the corresponding research and development costs will also increase a lot.

According to the poster’s slogan “one frame image, using two chips”, OPPO Find X5 series to be equipped with OPPO’s first NPU chip dedicated to optimizing images – Mariana X. This chip was used in last year’s OPPO Find X5 series.

This chip was released at last year’s OPPO Future Technology Conference. As OPPO’s first self-researched chip, the Mariana X is the opening piece of OPPO’s imaging for the next decade, with powerful computing power, energy efficiency and computational speed, allowing AI algorithms to run at an unprecedented speed. Together with the SoC, it forms the left and right brain of the phone’s core computing, opening the era of one machine with two cores.

More information about the OPPO Find X5 series will be announced by OPPO in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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