OPPO stabilizes fourth position in global market in 2021, further improving performance in mid- to high-end market

As 2021 passes, it is not easy for major cell phone brands to maintain their share under the impact of the global epidemic, the instability of the cell phone supply chain, the volatility of the international market, and the rise in raw materials.

Looking back at 2021 again, according to Canalys, OPPO ranked as the fourth largest smartphone brand in the world in 2021 with a market share of 11%.

This year, OPPO not only released its flagship product Find X3 series and Reno series, but also brought the first self-developed imaging chip Marianas MariSilicon X and the first foldable flagship Find N series. Thanks to quality product innovation and continued investment in R&D, OPPO’s global shipments grew 22% year-on-year in 2021, with particularly significant growth in Western Europe and Mexico.

Here’s a detailed exploration of OPPO’s actual performance around the world.


In 2021, OPPO’s annual shipments in Europe grew 78% year-on-year, making it the fourth largest smartphone brand in the European market. Since entering the European market in 2018, OPPO has actively invested in R&D to realize the first commercial 5G SA network in Europe with Vodafone, Qualcomm and Ericsson to better serve the local market.

It is noteworthy that OPPO has been an eye-catching performer in Western Europe in 2021, holding the fourth position with an annual growth rate of 94%, and its high-end products are widely acclaimed by the market. western European markets with outstanding OPPO shipment performance include Ireland (444% annual growth rate), Portugal (354% annual growth rate), Switzerland (203% annual growth rate), Germany (154% annual growth rate), Italy ( (111% YOY), Spain (73% YOY) and France (71% YOY). In addition, in less than two years of entering the Romanian market, OPPO became the third largest smartphone market with an annual growth rate of 227%.

Emerging Markets

Looking at global smartphone shipments in 2021, OPPO ranked fourth in the Middle East and Africa region with a 42% CAGR. Among them, OPPO climbed to the first place in the region’s smartphone market with 304% CAGR in Algeria for the first time. In the South African market, where OPPO entered shortly, OPPO also ranked the top four in the region with an annual growth rate of 466%.

In less than two years in the Latin American market, OPPO’s performance has been equally impressive, with a 429% annual growth rate and 10% market share in Mexico, making it the top five cell phone brand in the country. With deep partnerships with operators and the launch of the Reno series, OPPO has also become the leading smartphone provider in Mexico in the $400-$599 and $600-$799 price brackets.


In 2021, OPPO ranked as the fourth largest smartphone brand in Asia Pacific (ex-Greater China) with a 12% market share and the second largest in Southeast Asia in terms of shipments to the market. OPPO maintained the number one position in Indonesia, and ranked second in Myanmar and Vietnam. Other top three countries and regions include Cambodia, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and the Philippines.


As the longtime leader in China’s smartphone market, OPPO achieved 14 percent year-over-year growth in 2021, holding the number two position in the market. 2021 saw the launch of the high-end flagship Find X3 series, the Reno 7 series, which combines great looks and excellent imaging performance, and the first self-developed product at its annual Future Technology Conference (INNO OPPO’s continued product innovation and investment in R&D has ensured OPPO’s competitive advantage in the Chinese market.

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