Priced at over $5,000? Intel’s strongest 12-generation Core i9 exposed: base power consumption 150W

Yesterday, digital exposé blogger @momomo_us said that there are now overseas dealers listing the i9-12900KS merchandise information.

The exposed images show that the i9-12900KS has a product code of BX8071512900KS, a base power consumption of 150W, 25W higher than the i9-12900K, and a maximum CPU frequency of 5.5GHz, 0.3GHz higher than the i9-12900K. The price of the i9-12900KS reaches $790 (about 5018 RMB).

Intel Core i9 12900T

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It’s worth noting that the processor’s price may be higher in China, as the i9-12900K is already priced at 4,999 yuan in its China box.

In terms of parameters, the i9-12900KS is equipped with 8 large cores + 8 small cores, with the single core of the large cores having a core frequency of up to 5.5 GHz, and all large cores can maintain more than 5 GHz during multi-core workloads, and all large cores can reach 5.2 GHz during gaming workloads. i9-12900KS’s core graphics are still 32EU UHD 770 at 1.55 GHz, which is the same as i9-12900K’s core graphics. The i9-12900K’s core graphics parameters are no different.