Rear three cameras NZONE S7 series cell phone new arrival: January 5 release

Today’s news, China Mobile said it will officially launch the new NZONE S7 series of cell phones at 14:30 on January 5. As we can see, the phone is in black tones, with fingerprint recognition on the back, 5G all-network pass is also supported, and also comes with three rear cameras on the top left corner. For the brand NZONE, it launched the S7 Pro 5G in June and the NZONE S7 Pro+ at the end of August. What other surprises will the new phone have? Let’s just wait and see.

NZONE S7 Pro+(8GB/128GB/全网通/5G版)

NZONE S7 Pro+ (8GB/128GB/Full Netcom/5G version)

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[Product Price] RMB 2599