Redmi also wants to hit the high end?K50 top version may be priced over 4,000 yuan

The Redmi K50 series will make an impact on the high-end cell phone market next year, according to digital blogger @DigitalChat. Last month, MediaTek’s flagship processor, the Tiangui 9000, was officially released, with a score of over 1 million points and a very strong performance, and Redmi was the first to announce its first launch.

The Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing previously took a precautionary step for users on Weibo, saying that the cost of the Tiangui 9000 chip would be $1999. The K40 Pro, released this year, starts at 3,699 yuan, and the top version of the new K50 series may cost more than 4,000 yuan.

Redmi K40 Pro+(12GB/256GB/全网通/5G版) 高通骁龙888,一亿像素夜景相机,7.8mm轻薄设计,4520mAh大电量

Redmi K40 Pro+ (12GB/256GB/Full Network Pass/5G version) Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 100 million pixel night camera, 7.8mm thin and light design, 4520mAh large power

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